This Donation System gives businesses an effective low-cost tax deductible way to drive traffic to their Web site. This is a unique method for leveraging community oganization loyalty that brings motivated customers to Donation System businesses.

There are many program benefits, one of which is a comprehensive monthly system report that describes in detail program advantages by way of Web referrals. Another is the unique personality of persons supporting non-profit organizations.

Virtually all nonprofit supporters have a telephone tree approach to life that prompts them to share knowledge of new opportunities. Not only are visitors to your web site motivated to purchase, but they are also motivated to share your information and your site with members of the many organizations to which they belong. is a win for business, the community, and nonprofits.


If you are a BUSINESS:

1. Decide how many visitors you want your Web site to receive in increments of 1000, for each $100 you donate..

2. Fill out the APPLICATION FORM. The minimum donation is $100 which will allow our system to refer 1000 Web visitors to your Business Web site. Make payment to PVNET, a nonprofit organization.

It's that easy.

When the allotted number of visitors (per your donation amount) have been referred to your Web site, the donation system will stop referring visitors to your Web site, and notify you by e-mail, including visitor logs by date and time.

You may Donate again at anytime or increase your donation at any time.

The Donation System will e-mail you a report each month, or when your allotment of referrals to your Web site has run out,which ever occurs first.

The system has extensive Anti-Fraud programming to prevent you from being taken advantage of. The system has been extensively tested and validated.

This system makes donating verifiably beneficial to businesses.



A visitor to a PVNET owned web site will click on a clearly marked graphic advertisement which immediately opens the Donator's Web site. The PVNET donation system records the IP address in a database and the number of visitors referred to Donator's Web site (IP addresses are not confidential)Our system prevents the same person from being referred more than one time each day to Donator's Web site. A report will be e-mailed to Customer at the close of each month, or when the allotment of visitors is used up.. The reports lists the unique IPs (visitors) by date and time.


Payment in advance. PVNET accepts VISA, Master Card, Check or Cash

Pleae make checks payable to: PVNET

and mail to:
30940 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 101
RPV CA 90275


No cancellations or refunds.




If you are an ORGANIZATION:

1. Contact a Business and inform them that you have an effective way to make sure the Business receives a measurable return for their donation. Inform the Business that for each $100 donation, they will receive 1000 visitor referrals to their Web site, along with a monthly report. Instruct the Business to submit a check to PVNET (mail address is below) and include your organization name so PVNET may forward payment to the correct participating party.

2. Inform the Business that 50% of their donation goes to your organization, and 50% goes to PVNET (also a nonprofit organization) for cost of providing the service.

3. Immediately utilize your newsletters, announcements, phone campaigns, and e-mails to direct your members and supporters to participate by going to your organization's Web site, or to, and clicking on the green Button which states:

Click Here to Donate Someone Else's Money

As more and more members and supporters of Organizations participate, your organization find it easier to sign up new Businesses and generate revenues to fund your organization and it's programs.


The minimum donation amount is $100. At any time, there will most likely be more than 1 Donating Party participating in this program. Revenue from this program goes towards providing this and community services at Palos Verdes on the NET, a nonprofit 501 c3 California Corporation providing community services. There are no privacy issues related to this program because no private information is captured from visitors. Donating Party agrees to Arbitration in the State of California to settle any and all disputes; that PVNET will be held harmless; that PVNET is not responsible in any way for any losses or damages to Donating Party resulting from this or any other agreement or services provided by PVNET; and that PVNET 's total liability is limited to providing referrals to Donating Party's Web site.


Palos Verdes on the NET
phone: 310-541-7992
fax: 310-541-8992
30940 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 101
RPV CA 90275



Your Organization's name must be referenced both on the Application (below) and in writing by the Donating Business along with their payment at the time payment is received, otherwise your organization will NOT receive 50% of that Donation.

PVNET will disburse funds to your Organization only after the following criteria have been met:

  • Your Organization must provide written proof that your members and supporters have been notified to participate. This ensures that your are actively promoting the Businesses who donate.
  • Funds from Payment to PVNET from the Donating Business which names your Organization must be received and in our account. If paid by credit card, payment will be made to your organization after 90 days.
  • The Donating Business' allotment of Web referrals must have been completely used up.

To avoid the risk of confusion, we ask for your cooperation to ensure accuracy in payments made to your organization.




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